Life Should Have No Limits!

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Life Should Have No Limits!


‘Life Should Have No Limits!’

As I’ve mentioned on several occasions before I’m a proud member of and contributor to the One and All / Bike Chain Ricci Cycling Club and Youth Academy as a coach, rider and all round supporter of a great organisation fittingly awarded British Cycling Club of the Year 2012.

In recent weeks there has been some debate over the structure of our club rides and how we run our Sunday morning activities with the likelihood that a quiet day will see no fewer than 60 adult riders of all abilities, aspirations and fitness levels turn up to ride.

Whilst this debate has been heated at times it’s been very much welcomed and after our club AGM last night seems to be moving forward in keeping with our ethos that ‘nobody gets left behind’ and there should be a group to cater for all abilities, but that also encourages progression as and when members feel confident to take that next step or pedal up the groups.

It’s this progression that is key to the success of the group structure and to pinch a phrase from club founder Ricci Pascoe, ‘It’s like a sausage machine’. Just like the creation of new fancy flavours of sausage there are hits and misses along the way but so long as you get the basic recipe right then you’re on to an Award Winner!

The F1 Coaching motto, ‘Life Should Have No Limits,’ fits in perfectly with this notion of group progression but it also highlights a key point. As we all strive to get the best out of ourselves it is very easy to forget where we have come from, or get caught up in our own regime.  The beauty and success of the One and All rides in the past has been the willingness of those who have moved up through the groups to give some time back, drop back down a level and help motivate, encourage and lead others so that they are then able to do the same.

If you believe that anything is possible then you will agree with me that any rider coming in as a newbie in Group 1 has the capability to become a race group rider one day, should they so wish.  They also have the ability and right to stay in Group 1 yet become a leader of others once their experience and skills allow.  The most important point being that anyone, anywhere in the organisation has something that they can give.

This process of course doesn’t just happen overnight and I’m sure many more established clubs than our 4-year old organisation are still trying to figure it out, but what I love about One and All Cycling / Bike Chain Ricci is that we are constantly striving to make ourselves better as an organisation to celebrate the achievements or our members – be that their first 10 mile ride or getting results in National races.

On our Sunday morning rides we strive to meet and greet all who turn up to ride, to help ease newcomers into the ride structure by talking to them to asses which group would be best to ride with. We aim to encourage regular members to step up and lead rides by assuring them they do have the skills and knowledge required and most of all we try to make it all fun. We want members to come back week after week no matter what the weather is like and enjoy riding their bikes and socialising and rewarding themselves with a cuppa, slice of cake or bacon bap at our club base Bike Chain Bissoe Bike Hire and Café.

‘Life Should Have No Limits’, so set that challenge, take that first pedal and allow yourself to be amazed at what you can achieve and the friends you can make along the way.

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